Yesterday there was a call from Rochester, NY early in the morning. Since it was an unknown number, as usual, I just ignored it and slept on. In the late afternoon, I noticed the answering machine was blinking signaling the record of a new message. It was from a Dexter Cruise person at IRS auditing my husband's case and asked him to call him back. When he called back, he told my husband that he owes $3,000 in tax from 2008-2010 tax returns. And the police would come to apprehend him. It is obviously wrong because, in those years, we had very simple and clean (nothing to audit about) tax return and we keep our record in the pc. But just by hearing disturbing things like that, it was upsetting enough.

Later, we found out after digging around a little in the web, that this prank call has been going around. There were a lot of ladies victimized by this scam too. First of all, if IRS ever audits any account, they will give us the notice by mail. We once had to give some supplementary records for some transactions before to help their math, it was requested by mail and returned by mail. No calls! The scammer kinda got us in the beginning because he seemed to have extensive personal information. But I bet he did not even know our SSN either. Besides why would a NY agency call us when we belong to Mass area. Nothing added up.

We need to watch out for these con artist and backstabbers. The world is getting scarier everyday...

Another Storm
Another storm is coming here... We have been lucky enough not to get any blackouts this winter yet even when so many storms hit this region. I love winter and I love snow, but this winter has been a little too harsh even for me. With continuous subzero temp at night and below teen degrees during the day, I could not enjoy the lovely winter weather outside at all! When you cannot go out and enjoy the snow and cold weather, all there is nothing but a teaser... :*(

I'm going out of the states in the summer for some med treatments. I just hope things will work out well for me then. I will have to fight the hot humid weather once I get out of here. I am not really looking forward to it. But thinking about myself getting med exams and treatments, I am a little hopeful and maybe just a little bit thrilled as well. :) And I will enjoy the city life to its fullest while I stay out of this countryside that has nothing for entertainment. I love big cities!

Finally I Made It Over 200!
To celebrate the moment of 200 + comments on LJ, I have to leave something here. It all started with my beloved comm (BxN) kicked me out for not having enough activities (no posts, lack of comments, etc.). Since then, I have been working day and night (exaggeration!) to pave my way back in there. Now I might have enough to show them that I am worthy to be their groupie. :D

I was recently invited/accepted to some extremely closed member-only communities in and out of LJ. I feel so much accomplished, excited, and proud to be part of them. I did not used to care much about being in a community. But now, more and more scanlation groups are closing up or disbanding because of the stupid epidemic of dementia (how else can people forget the rules and share the work without permission??) Some brave ones are still openly operating, but who knows what steps they will take when... I used to collect their great work somewhere open, not knowing how much pain they feel about it. Since I learned what really has gone on, I decided to support them heartily.

I should set an example and show the bad people how it's done (to be a good follower). I am quite happy now for joining the new groups. Even my poor health does not bother me as much. :)

Life Is Tough...
I know I was a dumb ass to post something sensitive as religion~ in a public community. Sometimes you just need to shut up and lay low for your own health. My big mouth and big head that got pissed off by some g-believer attacking a generous scanner for sharing an anti-religious dj in a comm just could not bear to though. Then I got chewed up, chopped off, and thrown into the den full of pack of beasts without mercy. Well, I am not obligated to show everything I know just to speak a piece of my mind, am I? Is he/she expecting me to write some award-worthy article here? I did not believe what I wrote was offensive enough to receive such nasty criticism. Some people get really heated up regardless of time and place whenever it is related to their belief. Those were some nasty bites on my flesh criticizing everything I wrote word. by. word. It was a big headache giving my response to that commenter. Why should I even bother...

Which made me believe that I should keep things to myself. I am most discouraged to share my opinion with others; learned my lesson. I never even had a fight with my friends, believe it or not. I am a peaceful, considerate person (at least try to). I shall not post my interests or opinions in any other place outside my journal any longer. I do not wish to fight or aggravate anyone and grow white hair trying defending myself. Simply not worth it.

Religion and Yaoi
Two days ago, I stumbled over a comment about a dj post in one of my most beloved doujinshi sites. The dj was from Saint Oniisan fandom (!!); naturally it was pairing Jesus x Buddha. The user commented that, "It is not nice when people mix real life and fantasy." and explained that it is so "especially when it is offensive to someone else's religion".

We are living in the world of diversities. There are too many different ways of living and various tastes. Whether we are religious or not is one of our preferences. To the religious, god is absolute; to the nonreligious, god could be imaginary (fantasy). There sure are a lot of religious people in this world believing in different gods or believing in the same god in different ways. But there are equal amount of people on earth who do not agree with them. Just as the religious cannot force their ideals to the nonbelievers, the nonreligious cannot force the others to deny what they want to believe. Just as real god is to the religious, it is a matter of question to the nonreligious party.

So, since when did this god-- a certain god (s) to boot among so many choices we have-- become REAL? Or did I misinterpret the comment? Did he/she mean fiction (dj) as real life, and religious characters as fantasy?? Complaining about someone else's work that way sounded pretty forceful to me. The commenter should realize that god is as fantasy to some as real it is to him/her. Yes, it is not nice when people mix REAL life and FANTASY.

The original poster (the hard worker who had the heart to share the dj) was trying to clear things out by replying to the commenter with an apology for the possible unintentional offense. It is true that homosexuality is not well received by most religions with exceptions of some reformed ones.  But if the (god) believer is a strong follower of the religious teachings and truly against homosexuality, he/she had better stay away from any yaoi related communities. Or, better exercise more leniency in accepting creativity and freedom of artists. If he/she can enjoy other yaoi work, why not look over the ones featuring religious characters as well? I am sure nobody really meant to offend in creation of such work. ;)

I do not deny religion or god. But I understand that it affects the society in good ways as much as it influences negatively. Some people abuse religion to make personal gain while the other work hard to share the love of god. What I support is the ideal of making a better world where one can understand and accept the other as the way they are no matter how different they might be, living together in harmony.

A Boy I Knew
Back in my college days, there was a boy in my department, who looked more beautiful than any girl I have seen. We were in sort of an art major (fashion design) although we did not really belong in the art department. We only had 3 boys in our class; and those 3 were the first boys admitted since the department was created. Naturally he became very famous throughout the campus.

In a single glance, you can tell he is very different from usual boys you see around. I had my suspicion, but did not pop the question. He was always surrounded by girls from our class; he never had any boys around besides our classmates (the other 2). His close (girl) friends strongly denied whenever there was a question whether he was gay or not. Now that I think about it, they must have been trying to protect him. I understand why they had to keep it quiet while it was so obvious-- from his looks to his behavior.. there was no mistake. I heard a number of people badmouthing him, and they were ALL male. When they verbally attack an innocent friend, do they really think they can make themselves look respectable and manly? Just because he was different, a lot of male students made snide and hostile remarks all the time. But guess what, they also stared hard at him whenever he passed by!! Are they not honest?

Years later, he won the third place in a design competition. I was very happy for him as a classmate. I believe that he is working hard somewhere in this world as a top designer; happy with someone he loves, who loves him back. Lately the society seems to be opening up more towards same sex relationship. But we know that there still is a long way ahead.

Japanese History & Homosexuality, and I wonder..
I thought that "sharing is good". So I decided to post something I learned a while ago in a few LJ accounts. Then I got a message saying some other user quoted my article in his/her journal. Well, I am not sure... I am very new in all this, so what is the right way to go about here in LJ? I would not be the judge. But is it really how things work here, dig out someone else's post just with one copy-paste action and use it in the face of their own journal? Even without a single word in my original post... I would have been really happy to hear others' thoughts. Now I understand a little more about what hard-working scanners and scanlators feel when their babies are abducted and abused elsewhere. :**(

It is not a very big deal I guess since it is not something classified, just as short article. But I kinda tasted something bitter from my first post in LJ. That user's journal was filled with quoted posts from somewhere else. That user did quote me too though... Maybe he/she is just collecting interesting entries. It would have been really nice, though, if he/she had dropped a comment to my original post to avoid all the misunderstanding if that (collecting interesting entries) was the case. That I would call manners. Well, in a way, it will help spreading the story-- so it is all good.

Sooooo, I thought, if someone else can use my post in their journal, why not use it to my own as well?? Now here I go:

I found out about an interesting fact that Japan has a long history of openly accepting homosexuality from ancient time. I read it from a yaoi manga a while ago-- you never know what you can learn from whatever you go through-- and searched in Wikipedia and found an article about it:

Just as Chinese culture having been more tolerant towards gay relationship before they were exposed to the Western culture, Japan also started to nix homosexuality when they opened up in late 19th century. Now people are more prejudiced towards homosexuality in Asia than other part of the world. They must realize that it is not the way it used to be. Religion that came along with the rest of the Western culture strongly denies and prohibits same sex relationship. I suspect that might have been the main culprit to the change in Asian society unlike some believe that Buddhism or Confucianism was the cause.

Since I posted the similar content in a few different places, every post is a bit modified depends on the place. I wonder if many people already knew about this. Was I the only one shocked to find this out?? So this is why we see many Samurais and military men (most likely inspired by the samurai tradition) in yaoi stories. ;)


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